The Danish Rail Regulatory Body

About the Board

The Danish Rail Regulatory Body was established on 1 July 2010 as a market and competition monitoring body on the railway market and carries out, among other things, supervisory and complaints functions in this area.

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Access to passenger service

In accordance with Article 10 of Directive 2012/34/EU, Member States have opened their market for international rail passenger transport services provided by any railway undertaking licensed under the same directive.

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Infrastructure charges

The railway undertakings payment for operating on the railway network is regulated in the executive order on payment for use of the state's railway infrastructure and on environmental subsidies for rail freight transport.

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Service Facilities

The Executive order on rail-related service facilities and services lays down rules for the management of rail-related service facilities, including access to and charges for service facilities. 

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Freight Corridors

The Danish Rail Regulatory Body supervices the rail freight sector under Regulation 913/2010 concerning a European rail network for competitive freight transport.

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Passenger rights

Passenger rights are described in EU Regulation 1371/2007. Read more about all the things the Regulation covers and the role of the Danish Regulatory Body.

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Legal basis

The tasks, organization and composition of the Danish Rail Regulatory Body are determined by law, - most recently by the Danish Parliament's adoption of the Act amending the Act on railways and the Act on public roads and on the repeal of the Act on veteran railways.

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Latest News

Annual report of the Danish Rail Regulatory Body

The Danish Rail Regulatory Body has published the annual report for 2022. The report describes, among other things, Danish Rail Regulatory Body's supervision and complaints in the past year.

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Updated on 10-11-2023