Freight Corridors

The Danish Rail Regulatory Body supervices the freight rail sector under Regulation 913/2010 concerning a European rail network for competitive freight.

The Board is a supervisory body in accordance with the Council's Regulation on a European rail network for the purpose of competitive freight transport (Rail Freight Regulation).

The Rail Freight Regulation lays down rules for the establishment and organization of international rail freight corridors.

Denmark belongs to the Scandinavian-Mediterranean Rail Freight Corridor (RFC 3), which runs through Oslo-Stockholm-Trelleborg-Malmø-Copenhagen-Hamburg-Innsbruck-Verona-La Spezia-Livorno-Ancona-Taranto–Augusta-Palermo.

With the Rail Freight Regulation, the Board has been assigned a number of specific obligations and powers regarding market monitoring, supervision and complaints in relation to the freight corridor.

The supervisory bodies are obliged under the regulation and directive 2012/34/EU to effectively coordinate and cooperate on the task solution through which the affected international capacity for freight trains runs.

This includes, among other things, cooperation in monitoring the competitive situation in the corridor, and in particular ensuring non-discriminatory access to the corridor, as well as acting as an appeal body.

To ensure this cooperation, the supervisory bodies in RFC3 (including the Board) entered into a cooperation agreement in early 2015.

The Rail Freight Regulation is currently under revision.

Agreement, 04/03/2016

Cooperation Agreement

Cooperation agreement between the Regulatory bodies in the countries crossed bu Rail Freight Corridor N3


Updated on 10-11-2023