About digital post

It will be mandatory from November 1st 2013 for all companies with a danish CVR number to receive Digital Post from the public. The Danish Rail Regulatory body can be contacted by mail: info@jernbanenaevnet.dk

What is Digital Post?

There has been developed a digital mailbox to handle secure digital communication between Danish authorities and CVR registered companies in order to make an easier and faster dialogue. It is the company's responsibility to read the Digital Post hence a digital letter pursuant to the law have the same status as a physical letter. The Danish company e-Boks is the supplier of the Digital Post-solution. Virk.dk/postkasse (postkasse = mailbox) is another entrance to the Digital Post mailbox run by the Danish business Authority.

Assistance with set up?

If your company does HAVE a Danish e-Boks contact then e-Boks's customerservice +45 7021 2400  for further assistance on how to set up your e-Boks account to receive Digital Post from the public.

If your company does NOT have a Danish e-Boks contact then www.Virk.dk's hotline at +45 7080 8686.

Here you also can find video tutorials for the set up, though they are yet only in danish.

In both cases you will be asked to get employee signatures as login for which you need a MitID card, if you do not have one the customerservice can guide you in how to get one.

After you have set up the Digital Post you should also make sure your new digital mailbox will inform about new Digital Post from the public by mail to your normal email address. This will help you to be kept up to date.

Unfortunately there is not yet published an English-written guiding for Digital Post and every foreign company with a CVR registration in Denmark must get assistance or further information by contacting www.virk.dk's hotline +45 7080 8686 or e-Boks's customer service +45 7021 2400.

Relevant links

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Updated on 10-11-2023