The Secretary

The Danish Rail Regulatory Body's secretariat assists the board with the practical handling of the board's tasks and case processing.

Tasks of the Secretariat

The main task of the secretariat is to ensure that the cases that the board deals with are dealt with correctly and quickly, and that board meetings are organized appropriately and efficiently.

The secretariat, in collaboration with the chairman of the board, handles the preparation of cases for the board and the planning of board meetings.

The secretariat also assists the Railway Board with the performance of a number of other tasks, including administrative functions associated with, among other things, market surveillance and access to the Scandinavian-Mediterranean Rail Freight Corridor (RFC3) and access to international passenger transport, investigation of legal issues, preliminary investigations in relation to, among other things, supervision , contribution to answering hearings, inquiries from other authorities, preparation of drafts for the board's reports, etc.

Updated on 10-11-2023